Community Solar Energy

By Gabriela Covay | The Latest Solar Energy Information

An article in EcoWatch this week examines new solar legislation in Maryland that allows more Marylanders than ever to access solar energy by passing community solar legislation. Community solar projects allow multiple people to subscribe to one solar energy project and offset a portion of their electric bill from the energy generated through a credit.

In addition to creating access, this legislation also opens up more places for solar panels to be set up. Community solar projects can be sited in a variety of places, like the roof of an apartment building, a community center, a church or even in an open field.

For every kilowatt of renewable energy we put on the grid, that’s one less kilowatt of energy coming from coal or oil, polluting our air and increasing breathing illnesses like asthma and heart disease in addition to other health problems.

This would be a great idea to start community solar projects for Santa Cruz County. There are plenty of apartment buildings that would benefit from going solar, as well as eliminate the fact that majority of citizens are renters.

If there are community gardens around neighborhoods in Santa Cruz County, how about community solar energy?

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